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    At Ramsdell Pro Audio, our first commitment is unquestionable quality and sound clarity. We are always improving our line with the latest products and technologies. Our line arrays, floor monitors, full-range, and sub woofers are all top quality. Our goal is to continuously work toward producing a loudspeaker that is better than the one that came before it.

     Speakers we manufactured 30 years ago are still on the road, still solid and have held up during 25 years of live sound performances. This is the sure testament to our hand-crafted, quality designs. We want you to be able to enjoy Ramsdell Pro Audio loudspeakers for years as well and we look forward to making you another satisfied, life-long customer. Call us today.

LA-10-2 Directed Line Array System
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Ramsdell Pro Audio provides the highest quality loudspeakers and sound reinforcement systems. We are powerful, proven and genuine quality professional audio loudspeakers.



LTA Compact Series Line Array

Dali Museum photos courtesy of Diversified Audio

U.S. Flag All Ramsdell Pro Audio speaker enclosures are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.         
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